Final 2022 NBA Mock Draft – Prospect Previews

Final 2022 NBA Mock Draft – Prospect Previews

This Mock Draft has been written under the assumption that no further trades will be made. While I do expect there to be trades on and leading up to draft night, There is no reasonable way of predicting them.

Pick 1 – Orlando Magic 

Jabari Smith Jr

Position: PF

Height: 6’10 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  7’1 – Reported by Sports Illustrated

Weight: 220 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 13 May 2003

Smith brings everything you could want in a stretch 4 in today’s NBA. Shooting 42% from the three point line, with a 79.9% free throw percentage, Smith’s shooting should translate very well to the NBA level. Especially with his excellent shooting form. Despite being a largely perimeter based player, Smith managed to average 7.4 rebounds a game in 28.8 minutes per game. Many teams sacrifice rebounding at the power forward position in order to add floor spacing. With Smith, no sacrifice would be needed.  

What makes Smith intriguing, is that while he projects to be a good stretch 4, his physical tools and skill level mean that he could develop into a star player. Smith is only 18 years old at the time of writing this, and is listed at 6’10 and 220 lb. While Smith is not particularly great at driving to the basket, he does have the athleticism and strength to do so if he manages to develop a better handle. At the NBA level I would love to see him being used in pick and roll/pop situations. This would require a good playmaker to play alongside.

Smith would be an interesting fit on the Magic. Ideally he would slot in at power forward with Franz Wagner at the 3 and either Wendell Carter or Mo Bamba at the 5. The pick and roll ball handlers of Jalen Suggs and Markelle Fultz would be great playmakers to get the most out of Smith’s offensive game. 

Despite the Vegas odds shifting to favor Paolo Banchero as the number 1 pick, I still think that Smith makes a lot more sense for the Magic. He has a clear role on the team, and will be able to play to his strengths enabling him to reach his potential. There is a chance that Houston trades up for this pick in order to draft Banchero, however I am writing this mock draft under the assumption no extra trades will be made. 

Pick 2 – Oklahoma City Thunder

Chet Holmgren

Position: PF/C

Height: 7’0 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  7’3.5 – 7’6 

Weight: 195 lb

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birth Date: 1 May 2002

Chet Holmgren is one of the most unique top prospects in NBA Draft history. Holmgren has great measurements for a big man, measuring in at 7 feet with a reported 7 foot 6 wingspan. Holmgren uses his height and wingspan exceptionally on the defensive end. Capable of protecting the rim (3.6 blocks per game in 26.9 minutes) and defending wings along the perimeter. 

The big concern that makes some scouts, GM’s and fans concerned about Holmgren, is his lack of strength. This has been a common criticism of Holmgren throughout his high school and college careers, and will follow him into the pro levels. In order to compensate for this lack of strength, Homgren has developed great timing on contesting shots and his blocks. He has managed to do this at a low foul rate and a high level of success. This is rare for a player of his stature. Despite his 195 lb frame, Holmgren does not suffer from a fear of contact like many skinny big men before him. 

On the offensive side of the floor, Holmgren has a wide range of skills that could be developed well at the NBA level. His speed allows him to slash like a tall wing, and he possesses rare passing ability for a player of his size. His post skills likely won’t work on NBA level bigs due to his current lack of strength, however his height and length will allow him to have success in the post in mismatch situations. It would be very hard for a team to then double-team him in the post, or switch back in this situation, due to his court vision likely allowing him to find the gap in the defense this would create. 

OKC has a very intriguing developing core consisting of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Josh Giddey and Tre Mann. While I feel that Jaden Ivey would be an excellent fit next to these players, Holmgren’s upside and rim protection should make him 

Pick 3 – Houston Rockets

Paolo Banchero

Position: PF

Height: 6’10.25 – Reportedly Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’11.5 – 7’1 – Different Reported Wingspans

Weight: 250 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 12 November 2002

Paolo Banchero has played himself back into the top 2 conversation with his exceptional play in the March Madness tournament. Banchero has a well rounded game, with the ability to play both on and off the ball. Banchero can roll off screens, catch lobs and cut without the ball. His ball handling ability should also allow him to be a good driver off the dribble. Banchero is a very good passer for a power forward (averaging 3.2 assists per game), this will make him a dangerous driver in the NBA as he can use his playmaking ability to drive and kick, or lob the ball up to another player. 

At the NBA level, Banchero is going to need to continue developing his jumpshot. While 33.8% from deep and 72.9% from the free throw line are not bad numbers, unlocking his jumpshot should help him develop into an all star level player in the future. 

While there are plenty of aspects of Banchero’s game to like, the thing that impresses me the most is his basketball IQ. Banchero makes brilliant decisions on both sides of the floor. He is alway looking to make the right decision, whether it is making the extra pass or scoring himself. This intelligence has carried over on to the defensive side as well. Because of all of this, Banchero looks like a junior or senior rather than the 19 year old freshman he is. 

The only position that Houston has set in concrete is the 2 guard with Jalen Green. Due to Houston’s lack of point guards, I believe that the Rockets would be the ideal team for Banchero to develop his point forward skills. Banchero would also be a great pick and roll partner for Kevin Porter Jr. While Banchero does not have the defensive potential of the other two star bigs of this draft, he would have every opportunity to succeed as an offensive juggernaut for the Rockets.

Pick 4 – Sacramento Kings

Keegan Murray

Position: PF(/SF/C?)

Height: 6’8 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  6’11 – 7’0 –  Different Reported Wingspans

Weight: 225 lb

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 19 August 2000

Keegan Murray is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft. Averaging 23.5 points per game on 55/40/75 splits, Murray was one of the best offensive players in the NCAA. However he is not just a great scorer, he was a finalist of the Lefty Driesell award for the best defensive player in Men’s College Basketball (1.3 steals and 1.9 blocks per game). Murray proved capable of guarding the 4 and being a solid switch defender this season.

Murray’s game excels when the game is being played fast paced. Fortunately for him, the NBA is the fastest paced league in the world. 

In order for Murray to thrive at the next level, the two things he likely will need to do are add some more bulk to his frame, and become a more consistent shooter. While Murray did shoot very well from deep this season, he did have significant hot streaks and cold streaks. In order to improve this, we will likely need to see an improvement in his free throw percentage, which may require minor refinements to his shooting form. 

Sacramento Kings fans should be prepared for a wild draft night. While most would say that Jaden Ivey is the best player available here, he is not a natural fit alongside the other Kings guards in De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell. While Murray is a little older than the other top prospects, he appears ready to contribute to an NBA team immediately. Assuming that the John Collins to Sacramento trade does not go through, Keegan Murray in my opinion makes the most sense for the Kings. He provides a pick and roll partner for Fox, and excels at cutting off the ball making a great passing target for either Fox or Sabonis. 

Pick 5 – Indiana Pacers

Jaden Ivey

Position: SG/PG

Height: 6’4 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  6’7 – 6’9 – Different Reported Wingspans

Weight: 195 lb

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 13 February 2002

Jaden Ivey is possibly the fastest player in the draft. Due to his speed and ridiculous finishing ability, he has garnered comparisons to Ja Morant. Which, to be fair, a lot of his game is quite similar to Morant’s. However there are 2 key differences between Ivey and Morant. The first is that Ivey is nowhere near the playmaker that Morant was at this level. Ivey only averaged 3.1 assists per game as the lead playmaker, whereas Morant put up 10 assists per game on a much weaker Murray State team. While this comparison may seem unfair, it is largely to illustrate why I do not consider Ivey in my top 3. The second key difference between Ivey and Morant however goes in Ivey’s favor. Jaden Ivey is a better defender than Morant at the same age. Ivey excels at guarding the other team’s lead ball handler. This on-ball defense should make him very valuable to have on almost any team. However Ivey does struggle to defend in switch defense situations. 

Ivey to the Detroit Pistons seems like one of the most natural fits in the entire draft. Ivey would be able to thrive as a scoring point guard alongside the large playmakers of Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes. The team should have enough floor-spacing with Cunningham and Bey to allow Ivey to have free access to the rim. While there is a good chance the Kings draft Ivey or trade the 4th pick to a team that intends on drafting him, I would really like to see Ivey play in this situation. 

Pick 6 – Indiana Pacers

Shaedon Sharpe

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4.25 barefoot – NBA Draft Combine

Wingspan:  6’11.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 198 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 30 May 2003

Shaedon Sharpe is the biggest enigma of the draft. Sharpe was the unanimous number one ranked recruit in his class. However he entered the draft a year earlier than expected. Without playing at the College level, it is hard to judge how his game will translate to the pro level. And to be fair, there is still a chance that Sharpe returns to College. 

What Sharpe brings to the game is a scoring wing who plays smart and unselfishly. He has improved his jump shot each year, and has put the work in to become a good ball handler. While we have not had a chance to see him defend at a high level, his 6 foot 11.5 wingspan should be an important tool to help him become a very good defender.

While there are safer choices available with the 6th pick, I believe that Sharpe’s upside is worth taking the gamble on. There are very few players in the draft with such physical gifts, and he possesses a great amount of skill to back them up. However the questions about Sharpe largely revolve around his basketball IQ and decision making. Sharpe is going to require good coaching and a good environment to develop. I believe that Indiana is able to offer both of these under the tutelage of Rick Carlisle and his staff. Sharpe should be an ideal backcourt partner for Tyrese Haliburton. 

Pick 7 – Portland Trail Blazers 

Jalen Duren

Position: C (PF?)

Height: 6’10 – 7’0 – Different reported Heights

Wingspan:  7’5 – Reportedly

Weight: 250 lb

Age on Draft Night: 18

Birthdate: November 18, 2003

Jalen Duren has a very wide range of where he could be drafted. Some people believe that Duren could become one of the next superstar big men, while others see an old school big man who won’t be much more than a role player in the modern NBA. 

It is very hard to tell if Duren will be able to develop into a player more like Bam Adebayo or Hassan Whiteside. Either way, he should still be worthy of being a lottery pick, and even a top 10 pick for the right team. 

I am not convinced that Duren will be able to become a shooter, but I do like how aggressive he is off the roll, and on his cuts to the basket. At only 18 years old, Duren is already physically ready for the League, which will allow any team that drafts him to largely focus on building up his skillset instead of his body. 

Duren is a very mobile big who should be capable of switching on to guards for short periods of time. On the Trail Blazers, Jusuf Nurkic’s inability to guard the pick and roll has been a big part of their downfall. While Duren will be too young to start for the Trail Blazers as they attempt to return to the playoffs, he would offer them a quality back up center, who can develop into their starter of the future. If the rumors of the Raptors trading Anunoby for this pick are true, then Duren still would be who I select with this pick. 

Pick 8 – New Orleans Pelicans

Bennedict Mathurin

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’9 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 210 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19 

Birthdate: 19 June 2002

Mathurin was one of the most entertaining players to watch in College Basketball this season. His well rounded game should translate very easily to the NBA. Mathurin brings shot-making, slashing, flashy dunks and good passing. 

Matthurin’s defense has been inconsistent at times throughout the season, however there have been games where he has locked in and defended at a very high level. At the pro level, Mathurin will need to be able to bring this intensity every night in order to maximize his success. 

I have drafted Mathurin to the Pelicans in this mock draft, as I believe that he could offer great offensive production off of their bench. Mathurin should be able to develop into a starter, and potentially even a go-to-scorer in the long term, however the Pelicans likely will be looking for a player who can contribute immediately. Mathurin makes sense for New Orleans based on both of these accounts, as they try to keep Zion Williamson happy now, and build towards their future. 

Pick 9 – San Antonio Spurs

Dyson Daniels

Position: PG/SG/SF

Height: 6’6  – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’10.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 185 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 17 March 2003

Dyson Daniels is a versatile defender and playmaker. At 6’6 (possibly even taller), he has great size to play both guard positions and at the small forward. While I don’t believe he is ready to be a full time point guard, he shouldn’t be far away from it.

Several rumors appear to indicate that the Spurs are looking to shop Dejounte Murray. If these are to be believed, then there is a good chance that San Antonio will be looking to draft their point guard of the future. Daniels has the potential to be a very similar player to Murray. He possesses great size at the guard positions, looks to be able to become an elite defender, and has strong passing and driving instincts. 

Pick 10 – Washington Wizards

Johnny Davis 

Position: SG/PG

Height: 6’4.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’8.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 196.4 lb

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 27 February 2002

Johnny Davis has essentially everything you need out of a modern day shooting guard, except for a consistent three point shot. Davis is a great finisher, good defender and good midrange shooter. One of the most interesting parts of Davis’ game is his rebounding. 

While Davis shot 30.6% from deep, his shooting form and 79.1% free throw shooting indicates he could become a good perimeter shooter in time. 

The Wizards started this season relatively strong before their season fell off a cliff. If they want to recapture their success from the start of this season they would likely need to run a lineup of Beal, KCP, Kispert, Kuzma and Porzingis. Washington will likely be looking for a backup point guard or wing. While Ochai Agbaji and TyTy Washington would both be good picks here, I believe that Davis brings the most upside out of the three of them. If Davis can become a more consistent on-ball defender he could potentially guard the point, while Beal handled lead playmaking duties on the other end. On the other hand, there is a good chance Beal leaves the Wizards in the near future if they cannot put together a winning team. As a result of this, Davis could be their insurance in case he forces his way out. 

Pick 11 – New York Knicks

AJ Griffin 

Position: SF (PF/SG?)

Height: 6’6 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  7’0

Weight: 222 lb

Age on Draft Night: 18

Birthdate: 25 August 2003

AJ Griffin is probably the most deadly shooter in this year’s draft. Shooting a strong 49.3% from the field and an insane 44.7% from the three point line, Griffin’s game will definitely have plenty of fans around the league. While his 79.2% free throw percentage is not as elite as you would want from a shooter of his caliber, it did continue to rise throughout the season. 

Griffin’s defense appeared to be hampered by his lower body injuries this season. While he is a smart defender, his lateral quickness was not up to the level he would need to guard some of the more athletic wings in the NBA. There is a pretty good chance he will be able to improve this when he reaches full health. Griffin’s strength and length could make him a good stretch 4 for periods of time too. 

While I do not like comparing draft prospects to NBA players, I do think that AJ Griffin can play a similar role to Desmond Bane’s role on the Grizzlies. Griffin will be able to use his jumper to score off of screens, shoot spot up 3’s and pull up from the mid-range. 

The Knicks need floor spacing and playmaking. While Griffin may not currently offer much in the way of playmaking, his jumper looks NBA-ready from the get-go. Griffin’s shooting should create space for RJ Barrett’s driving and slashing, and create room in the paint for New York’s bigs. 

Pick 12 – OKC Thunder

Mark Williams

Position: C

Height: 7’0 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot 

Wingspan:  7’6.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 242.4 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 16 December 2001

Mark Williams should be one of the best rim protectors in the draft. He averaged an impressive 2.8 blocks per game in only 23.6 minutes. He also shot a monstrous 72.1% from the floor. While Williams is a more traditional big, his 72.7% free throw shows that he does have the shooting touch to extend his jumper to the mid range. 

If Williams’ shooting touch is legit, he could prove himself to be the best center in this draft. Assuming that OKC drafts Holmgren with the 2nd pick, I believe that Williams could be a great twin tower to play alongside him. OKC could potentially go from having minimal rim protection to having two well timed shot blockers. 

Pick 13 – Charlotte Hornets

Malaki Branham

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’10 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 194.8 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 12 May 2003

Branham improved a lot in a very short period of time this season. Averaging 13.7 points per game while shooting 49.8% from the field and 41.6% from three, Branham looks to be one of the best shooters in the draft. Branham is able to back these shooting percentages up with an 83.3% free throw. 

While Ochai Agbaji or Jeremy Sochan could be tempting here, Branham’s fit next to LaMelo Ball should be too promising to pass up on. In this mock draft the Hornets also have the 15th pick, this should cause them to draft the player they want, who is most at risk of being drafted by the Cavs. Due to the Cavs already having plenty of quality big men, the Hornets should draft a guard with this spot. Branham is not just a spot up shooter, he is great at ripping through and knocking down mid range shots off the dribble.


Pick 14 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Jalen Williams

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’2.25 – Wingspan

Weight: 209.2 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 14th April 2001

Jalen Williams offers playmaking, slashing and three point shooting to the team that drafts him. These are all skills that Cleveland will be looking at in a wing. Williams is capable of seamlessly fitting into practically any lineup that the Cavs run. Williams’ ridiculous length should also offer the Cavs the option of running him at either wing position. 

While Williams’ defense has not been up the level you would expect of a player with such length, his wingspan should give him a massive advantage for disrupting passing lanes. Alongside Isaac Okoro and his infectious energy, I believe that Williams could be the wing of Cleveland’s future. 

Pick 15 – Charlotte Hornets

Jeremy Sochan

Position: PF(/SF/C?)

Height: 6’9 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  7 Foot Wingspan – Reportedly

Weight: 230lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 20 May 2003

While Jeremy Sochan’s offensive game is raw, on the defensive side of the floor he has already had a lot of success at a very young age. Sochan is capable of defending wings and forwards at a high level. Switch defenders are very valuable in a league that uses a lot of pick and rolls. 

On offense, Sochan has a lot of potential too. His athleticism makes him a promising cutter and roll man. Sochan is a smart passer and should be a solid player in the dribble hand off in the NBA. 

Sochan’s shooting is both concerning and promising at the same time. While he has shown flashes of being a good shooter, his low free throw percentage (58.9%) and low three point percentage (29.6%) do raise a lot of concern. 

With all of the best rim protectors off of the table, Sochan becomes the best option available for the Hornets. Sochan’s ability to guard practically any position will make him a great fit for Charlotte’s switch defense lineups. He would also be a very affordable backup forward as the team looks to save money for Miles Bridges’ contract extension. 

Pick 16 – Atlanta Hawks

Tari Eason 

Position: PF/SF

Height: 6’6.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’2 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 217.4 lb

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 10 May 2001

Tari Eason offers a little bit of everything you could want at the power forward position. He is a great off ball cutter and roll man, and has rare handles that allow him to drive to the rim successfully. 

With good coaching, Eason should be able to develop into a very good shooter in the NBA. While he shot a modest 35.9% from deep, his 80.3% free throw percentage shows that his shot mechanics should be translatable. 

Eason led his team in scoring despite only playing 24.4 minutes per game. When adjusted to per 40 minutes, Eason averaged 27.7 points, 10.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists.

Eason can at times make bad decisions and overly gamble on defense. A tough veteran coach like Nate McMillan should be ideal for helping Eason develop better habits and capitalize on his talent. If the John Collins trade rumors are accurate, Atlanta is going to need this extra depth at the 4.

Pick 17 – Houston Rockets

Ousmane Dieng

Position: SG/SF/PF

Height: 6’9 – Australian NBL Listed Height 

Wingspan:  Unconfirmed

Weight: 216 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 21 May 2003

Ousmane Dieng is essentially a massive point guard. He is at his best when he has the ball in his hands and is looking to create for others. However he is still a very raw player, who is yet to find a consistent jump shot. 

The Houston Rockets need either a small forward or a point guard following the drafting of Paolo Banchero in this mock draft. While the Kevin Porter Jr experiment continues at the point, I believe that Dieng can offer some extra playmaking to this team while playing at the 3. If Dieng can iron out his shot form and become a stronger finisher, he could become one of the steals of the draft. 

While many would draft Dieng higher, I am nervous about his jumper. While Dieng is great at creating his own shots, so far he has not had much success at making them. If Dieng is able to develop his humper to a high level, he can become one of the best players in the draft. 

Pick 18 – Chicago Bulls

E.J. Liddell Jr

Position: PF

Height: 6’5.5 – 2022 NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’11.75  – 2022 NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 243 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 18th December 2000

E.J. Liddell had a very impressive junior season at Ohio State this year. He continued to improve in practically every category and averaged an impressive 19.4 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.6 blocks per game. If it wasn’t for his lack of height and elite athleticism, I would have definitely had him higher in this mock draft. 

Liddell would offer instant power forward depth for a Bulls team that will need it. 

Pick 19 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Dalen Terry

Position: PG/SG/SF

Height: 6’6 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.75 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 195.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 12th July 2002

Dalen Terry can bring switch defense and smart passing to any team. With Terry’s height and length he can realistically play both guard positions and at the 3. This versatility would allow Minnesota to play him alongside D’Angelo Russell (assuming he isn’t traded) and Anthony Edwards. Terry would then be able to take on the role of the small forward on offense, while guarding the opposing team’s point guard.

Pick 20 – San Antonio Spurs

Jake LaRavia

Position: PF/SF

Height: 6’6.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’9.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 227.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 3rd November 2001

LaRavia is a high IQ player who makes good decisions. LaRavia is an excellent passer and a developing shooter. While not an elite rebounder, LaRavia projects to be a solid stretch 4 in today’s NBA. Multi-positional passing has always been regarded as a great asset for the Spurs organization. 

Pick 21 – Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jović

Position: PF/SF(C?)

Height: 6’9.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 222.6 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 9th June 2003

Nikola Jovic is another player who has a wide range of where he can be drafted. Jovic is a positionless player who possesses great court vision, basketball IQ and shooting form. He has always been a very good player in his age group. However he can be a very inconsistent player. Jovic is going to be a long term project in my opinion, but he has unteachable skills at 6-foot-10. 

Jovic would offer the Nuggets a high upside player who can fill in their back up PF position following the JaMychal Green trade, while being developed into a player who could be a starter in the future. 

Pick 22 – Memphis Grizzlies

Ochai Agbaji

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4.5 – NBA Draft Combine 2021 (barefoot)

Wingspan:  6’10 – NBA Draft Combine 2021

Weight: 214 lb

Age on Draft Night: 22

Birthdate: 20 April 2000

Agbaji is coming off an NCAA championship, and should be ready to contribute immediately to an NBA team. Agbaji’s skill set should make a plug-and-play fit for almost any team in the draft. While he is a bit small to be a small forward, he compensates with physicality, athleticism and length. 

The Grizzlies rotation looks largely set going into next season. By drafting Agbaji, the Grizzlies are creating themselves a trade chip, whether they trade Agbaji himself, or a player like Dillon Brooks who is likely more coveted. 

Pick 23 – Philadelphia 76ers

TyTy Washington

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’2.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’8 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 196.4 lb

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: November 15, 2001

TyTy Washington is at his best when he is being used as a playmaker. He had a significantly lesser impact this season when he was played at the shooting guard. While this did not allow for Washington to show off his playmaking abilities to the full extent, it likely did give him the experience needed to play off the ball next to another playmaker like James Harden or Tyrese Maxey.

Washington is going to need to improve his jump shooting ability with his 35% from deep and 75% from the free throw line, but I believe he is on track to becoming an NBA level shooter. 

The 76ers would be elated if Washington fell this far in the draft. He would be able to add some serious extra playmaking to their bench. With Washington’s age, he could also become the future point guard to play alongside Maxey once Harden deteriorates. 

Pick 24 – Milwaukee Bucks

Jaden Hardy

Position: SG/PG

Height: 6’2 – 6’4

Wingspan:  6’9 – Unconfirmed Reports

Weight: 198 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 5th July 2002

Jaden Hardy’s draft stock has fallen pretty drastically from when he was ranked as a top 5 prospect in this class. This is largely due to his very inefficient season with the G-League Ignite. While Hardy did average 17.7 points per game, he averaged only 3.2 assists per game and shot 35.1% from the field and 26.9% from deep. While these are pretty bad stats, I don’t believe that Hardy’s talent has disappeared. I believe that the jump from high school to the G-League was too harsh a leap for Hardy to handle. Hardy’s free throw percentage of 88.2% shows that his shooting touch hasn’t gone anywhere. He still possesses some great ball handling ability also. 

In order to get the most out of Hardy’s game I believe that he is going to need to be developed at the point guard. In high school, Hardy averaged an impressive 8.4 assists per game. If developed right, I believe that Hardy can still develop into an all star caliber player, but a lot of patience is going to be required. 

Pick 25 – San Antonio Spurs

Walker Kessler

Position: C

Height: 7’0.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’4.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 256 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 26th July 2001

Walker Kessler is quite likely the most old school big in the draft. Aside from the occasional floater, his game is almost entirely based in the paint. However, Kessler appears to be relatively mobile for a player of his size. Kessler averaged an absolutely insane 4.6 blocks per game, in only 25.6 minutes per game. While he does not look to be a shooter at the NBA level, his rim protecting ability, rebounding and finishing will make him valuable for the right team. 

If the Spurs are serious about trading Jakob Poeltl, then Walker Kessler would be a great replacement as a rim protector and rebounder.

Pick 26 – Houston Rockets

Kennedy Chandler

Position: PG

Height: 5’11.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’5.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 172.2 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 16th September 2002

Kennedy Chandler has possibly the highest basketball IQ in this year’s NBA Draft. It’s almost hard to believe that he is a 19 year old, due to the amount of poise and intelligence he plays with. Chandler averaged 4.7 assists per game and shot 38.3% from deep in his impressive freshman year. 

However there are two red flags that have him falling this far in my mock draft. The first being that he is listed at 6-foot-flat. College heights are often slightly exaggerated (however there are many exceptions). Being this short and light in the NBA will make you a target for the opposing team to run pick and rolls against you. 

The other red flag is his 60.6% free throw percentage. Low free throw percentages are often indicators that players lack a consistent shooting form or shooting touch. NBA scouts are going to need to see Chandler shoot very well in his workouts leading up to the Draft. 

Pick 27 – Miami Heat

MarJon Beauchamp

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’5.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.75

Weight: 196.6 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 12th October 2000

MarJon Beachamp is one of the best finishers in the draft. He used his athleticism and toughness to shoot 57.1% from the field as a wing this season in the G-League. One of the craziest stats for Beauchamp is that he made 68% of his 2 point field goals this season. Beauchamp is also an underrated defender who brings toughness on both ends of the floor. 

Beauchamp could be one of the players that fans and teams look back on and wonder how they were drafted so low. In an environment like Miami, Beauchamp can become a tough and disciplined defender.

Pick 28 – Golden State Warriors

Blake Wesley

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’3 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’9.25

Weight: 187.2 lb

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 16th March 2003

Blake Wesley has possibly the widest draft range out of any player this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drafted in the lottery, and I also would not be surprised to see him fall into the second round.

Wesley is currently lacking a consistent jump shot and has a lot of work to be done on his shooting in general. He is also a little bit inconsistent as a finisher. 

What makes Wesley special though, is his handle and ability to break his defender down on the way to the basket. Wesley is going to need a team that is good at developing their young talent as there is a lot of work to be done. However this driving off the dribble ability is unteachable. 

Pick 29 – Memphis Grizzlies

Jaylin Williams

Position: C/PF

Height: 6’8.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’1 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 236.6 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 29th June 2002

Jaylin Williams is a great defender at the college level. Williams is capable of guarding the paint and switching out onto smaller defenders. I view him as a budget version of Bam Adebayo.

On the Grizzlies, Williams would be able to play next to Brandon Clarke, as well as players like Xavier Tillman and Jaren Jackson Jr. 

Pick 30 – Denver Nuggets

David Roddy

Position: SF/PF

Height: 6’4.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’11.5

Weight: 260.8 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 27th March 2001

David Roddy is a highly physical forward. He is able to drive past taller players, while posting up guards. It is going to be very interesting to see how his jumper translates to the NBA level due to his relatively low free throw percentage this season. 

Following the Nuggets working David Roddy out twice, they traded for the 30th pick in the draft. I believe that these two things are connected. The 30th pick is very slightly higher than where I would project Roddy getting drafted normally.

Pick 31 – Indiana Pacers

Christian Braun

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’5.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’6.5

Weight: 209.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 17 April 2001

Pick 32 – Orlando Magic

Wendell Moore Jr

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’4.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 217.2 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 18th September 2001

Wendell Moore has improved each season during his time at Duke. Each year he has improved his shooting, become a more confident finisher and even become a really smart playmaker. Moore averaged 13.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game this season. He achieved this while shooting 50% from the field, 41.3% from deep and 80.5% from the free throw line. While a little inconsistent on defense, he has shown great flashes on that end of the floor too. 

Pick 33 – Toronto Raptors

Khalifa Diop

Position: C

Height: 6’11 – Unconfirmed

Wingspan:  7’2 – Unconfirmed

Weight: 231 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 15th January 2002

Pick 34 – OKC Thunder

Andrew Nembhard

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’3 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’5.75

Weight: 195.6 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 22

Birthdate: 16th January 2000

Pick 35 – Orlando Magic

Christian Koloko

Position: C

Height: 6’10.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’5.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Weight: 221 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 20th June 2000

Christian Koloko is an athletic 7 footer who can protect the rim and finish around the basket. Koloko is deceptively athletic and was responsible for some impressive dunks for Arizona this season. Koloko also looks to have some shooting potential as displayed by his 73.5% free throw, and good shooting form that was displayed on the rare mid ranger. If the Magic choose to move on from one of their two centers, they will likely need to draft a new backup like Koloko. 

Pick 36 – Detroit Pistons

Ismael Kamagate

Position: C

Height: 6’11 – Reportedly

Wingspan:  7’3 – 7’4 – Unconfirmed

Weight: 220 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 17th January 2001

Pick 37 – Sacramento Kings

Bryce McGowens

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’5.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’8.75 – Draft Combine

Weight: 181.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 8th November 2002

Pick 38 – San Antonio Spurs

Hugo Besson

Position: SG

Height: 6’4.5 – NBA Draft Combine

Wingspan:  6’5.5 

Weight: 180.4 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 26th April 2001

Pick 39 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Kendall Brown 

Position: SF/PF

Height: 6’6.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Wingspan: 6’11

Weight: 201.2 lbs 

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 11 May 2003

Kendall Brown is possibly the most athletic player in the draft. While he is still very raw, he has shown a lot of promise over his freshman year at Baylor. His 4.9 rebounds per game is very solid for a wing playing 27 minutes per game.

Pick 40 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Jabari Walker

Position: PF

Height: 6’6.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan: 6’10.75

Weight: 213.8 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 30th July 2002

Jabari Walker averaged 9.4 rebounds in 28.1 minutes per game. While he only shot a modest 34.6% from deep, his shooting form and 78.4% free throw indicate that he can be developed into an NBA-level shooter. Walker could carve a special niche for himself in the NBA by developing into a floor spacing rebounder.

Pick 41 – New Orleans Pelicans

Trevor Keels

Position: SG(/PG?)

Height: 6’3.25 – NBA Draft Combine

Wingspan:  6’7.25 lbs 

Weight: 223.8 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 18

Birthdate: 26th August 2003

Trevor Keels is a tough-as-nails guard. He is capable of some very strong finishes and plays very physical defense for a player of his size. If Keels is able to measure at 6’4 or 6’5 at the draft combine, he should be able to convince teams that he can be a very versatile switch defender in the NBA.

While his shot needs polishing, I do buy into Trevor Keels’ work ethic and ability to improve his game. Keels has even shown good playmaking potential. 

Pick 42 – New York Knicks

Justin Lewis

Position: PF/SF

Height: 6’6.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’2.5

Weight: 235.4 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 12th April 2002

Pick 43 – LA Clippers

Jean Montero

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’2.5 – (In Shoes) at the Nike Hoop Summit 2022

Wingspan:  6’4.5  – At the Nike Hoop Summit 2022

Weight: 172 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 18

Birthdate: 3rd July 2003

It’s hard to judge how Jean Montero played this season due to the Overtime Elite being a new way to prepare for the NBA. It is unclear how this will affect Montero as it does not appear that Montero was playing against a very high level of talent. However Montero did play very well at the 2022 Nike Hoop Summit. But this was against players coming out of high school. 

Pick 44 – Detroit Pistons

Max Christie

Position: SG

Height: 6’4.25 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’8.75

Weight: 189.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 10th February 2003

Pick 45 – Charlotte Hornets

Ryan Rollins

Position: SG/PG

Height: 6’2 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’9.75

Weight: 179.2 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 3rd July 2002

Pick 46 – Portland Trail Blazers

Peyton Watson

Position: SF

Height: 6’6.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.5 

Weight: 203.4 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 11th September 2002

Pick 47 – Memphis Grizzlies

Josh Minnott

Position: PF

Height: 6’8 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  7’2 – Reportedly 

Weight: 205 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 25th November 2002

Pick 48 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Caleb Houstan

Position: SF

Height: 6’8 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  – Unreported 

Weight: 205 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 9th January 2003

Pick 49 – Sacramento Kings

Patrick Baldwin Jr

Position: SF/SG/PF

Height: 6’9 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  6’11 – Reportedly 

Weight: 220 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 18th November 2002

Pick 50 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Karlo Matkovic 

Position: PF/C

Height: 6’10 – College Listed Height

Wingspan:  –

Weight: 231 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 30th March 2001

Pick 51 – Golden State Warriors 

Yannick Nzosa

Position: C

Height: 6’11

Wingspan:  7’6 – Unconfirmed

Weight: 215lbs

Age on Draft Night: 18

Birthdate: 15th November 2003

Pick 52 – New Orleans Pelicans

Dominick Barlow

Position: PF/C

Height: 6’8.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’3 

Weight: 221 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 26th May 2003

Pick 53 – Boston Celtics

Gabriele Procida

Position: SG/SF

Height: 6’5.75 – NBA Draft Combine

Wingspan:  6’8

Weight: 192.8 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 20

Birthdate: 1st June 2002

Procida is an athletic wing with a nice jumper. Physically he is probably not quite ready to be a wing in the NBA, which may result in a team draft and stashing him. Procida is on a multi-year contract with Fortitudo Bologna which makes him an ideal player to stash with the intention to eventually bring him over to the NBA. 

Pick 54 – Washington Wizards

Ziga Samar

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’5 – 6’6

Wingspan:  Unconfirmed

Weight: 184 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 21

Birthdate: 26th January 2001

Pick 55 – Golden State Warriors 

Michael Foster Jr

Position: PF/C

Height: 6’7.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’0.25

Weight: 236.6 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 16th January 2003

Pick 56 – Cleveland Cavaliers

Alondes Williams

Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’3.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan: 6’7 

Weight: 209 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 23

Birthdate: 19th June 1999

Pick 57 – Portland Trail Blazers

JD Davison

Position: PG

Height: 6’0.5 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  6’6.5

Weight: 191.8 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 3rd October 2002

Pick 58 – Indiana Pacers

John Butler

Position: PF

Height: 6’11.75 – NBA Draft Combine Barefoot

Wingspan:  7’2.25

Weight: 174.4 lbs

Age on Draft Night: 19

Birthdate: 4th December 2002 

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